SmartMoney Workshops

Available SmartMoney Workshop Topics:

  • Learn common terms related to financial institutions and types of accounts
  • Compare different types of bank accounts, and the risks and benefits associated with each option
  • Learn key ways to protect financial accounts and personal information.
  • Explore the importance of creating and maintaining a budget
  • Examine the differences between wants and needs
  • Set goals for spending, saving, and debt repayment
  • Review the costs and responsibilities associated with home ownership
  • Explore the loan and repayment process
  • Learn how to find out if you are financially ready town a home
  • Explore the importance of credit scores and reports
  • Learn how to access information about credit scores and reports
  • Discuss strategies to build and improve credit
  • Identify how to protect credit from incorrect claims and fraud
  • Identify the importance of developing a strong business plan
  • Explore the ways to use a business plan
  • Review the key parts of a business plan
  • Learn how small businesses build and maintain credit
  • Explore how creditworthiness is measured for small businesses
  • Examine the connection between personal and business credit
  • Identify the documents needed for small business credit applications
  • Learn how to identify the signs of identity theft and fraud
  • Examine different types of identity theft and fraud
  • Identify strategies to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud
  • Review the laws and regulations that protect consumers from identity theft and fraud
  • Learn about common types of mortgages and how they are obtained
  • Identify common costs associated with mortgages
  • Explore special financing products and resources to assist with buying a home
  • Define common terms associated with mortgages and late payments
  • Identify the events that may cause foreclosure, and how to avoid them
  • Learn about the options and resources available to help modify a mortgage if needed
  • Examine the factors to consider when planning for retirement
  • Learn how to estimate retirement expenses
  • Identify saving and planning strategies to maximize savings at any age
  • Compare the types of retirement plans that are available
  • Set goals for retirement savings
  • Identify common financial products and services used by small businesses
  • Consider the important factors when choosing a financial institution
  • Explore the value of building a relationship with a financial institution
  • Understand the importance of financial statements for small business operations and strategy
  • Learn about the uses of different financial statements
  • Analyze the information found in balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements

SmartMoney Online

Credit card bills, debt, and savings may not be top of mind for you, but the financial decisions you make today will have a long-term impact on your life. That’s why the FCCU Foundation is proud to support this financial guidance center. These short interactive learning experiences will prepare you with the right skills to manage your financial future.

Learn about auto loans, credit scores, mobile payments, and more!

Benefits of a Credit Union

Building Emergency Savings

Checking Accounts

Credit Scores and Reports

Identity Protection




Monthly Budget Tool

Considering Home Ownership

Credit Score and Reports


Monthly Budget Tool


Mortgage Modifications

Mortgage Refinancing

Auto Loans

Payday Loans

Credit Cards

Mobile Payments

Prepaid Cards

Paying Debt vs. Investing

Debt Payoff

Retirement 101


Estate Planning

When to Collect Social Security

Growing Your Investment

Planning for Retirement Expenses

Pre-tax vs. Roth Analyzer

Your Retirement Lifestyle